All Out of Love

I took myself out to lunch after the Easter service yesterday. In the booth next to me was an elderly couple, dressed in their Sunday’s best, who sat and ate their meals in complete silence. They ate, stared out the window, stared at each other, but never once did they speak. As I witnessed this, I thought “I hope that my husband and I never end up like that – where we run out of things to say to each other.”
When the waitress came by to hand them their check, she told them that she said, “see you next week.” I realized that this couple probably comes here every Sunday after church. It’s their routine. I smiled at this thought. As they got up to leave, the man went over to his wife to help her out of the booth. He then grabbed her purse and put it around his shoulder. He put one arm around her shoulder, and held her hand in his hand. He was helping her, guiding her frail body that obviously struggled, holding her steady as they walked. You could see the love he had for his wife permeate through these gestures. As I witnessed this, I thought to myself, “I hope that my husband and I will be just like that one day.”
This whole exchange reminded me of our relationship with God. Sometimes it seems that we are sitting in silence with Him. We can’t hear Him and it feels like He doesn’t hear us – just like we are this couple. Just like this couple, many of us have a routing to spending time with Him.
Love Stories Isn’t it beautiful to know that He is just like the husband in this scene? He puts His arm around us, He helps us up, He holds our hand, He guides us and He leads us. All out of love.

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