When I was first told that I wouldn’t have to do anything else after the Lumpectomy (no chemo, or radiation, etc.), I was elated…at first. Guilt came next.

Guilt is a powerful emotion that has a way of sneaking up on you. I guess, for me, you could call it survivor’s guilt. Before you ask “why would she feel guilty over that?” Know this- two years ago a friend of ours lost her battle with colon cancer. Tomorrow a former teacher of mine will be buried after losing her battle with ovarian cancer. There are others in my life who have battled and won and others who are still in the process. All of them had to go through so much just to have a chance at another day.

So, why did I get a free pass? This questioned plagued me for days.

I was talking to a very wise young woman about this and she asked me:
“what makes you think you got a free pass?”

She reminded me about everything I have had to go through with Melanoma and other skin cancers…all the skin checks, blood tests, xrays.

Then she said something that I will never forget: “Nobody gets a free pass”

She is right. Nobody gets a free pass.

We are all fighting something whether it’s a physical illness, an emotional issue or a mental illness.

We are all in a fight. We are just in different battles.

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Writer. Reader. Lifetime Learner. Follower of Christ.

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