A Simple Cup of Coffee

After traveling and enjoying a blessed, but busy weekend, I spent this Monday morning enjoying breakfast at a local diner with my husband.  After we played “catch up” with all the things we wanted to talk about our conversation shifted to our cups of coffee. Simple cups of diner quality coffee, both drank hot andContinue reading “A Simple Cup of Coffee”

Smell the Flowers

Stop and smell the flowers.  There is wisdom behind that adage.  All too often we are engrossed with our relentless to-do lists and don’t take a moment to slow down. If all we are doing is racing to the finish line then how can we possibly find rest for our weary souls? This devotion pieceContinue reading “Smell the Flowers”

What’s Hiding in the Darkness

I was driving to Houston on a road I  had driven many times. Only this time I left my house at 5 am. The sunrise hadn’t blessed the area yet and this road was dark and unfamiliar in the lack  of daylight. Even the few headlights I saw couldn’t light up the scenery hiding inContinue reading “What’s Hiding in the Darkness”

In a love/hate relationship

I am in a love/hate relationship with my Fitbit. I love it most of the time. However, there are moments when I hate it. Those moments come when it buzzes at me to get up and move. I have arguments with it, sometimes even out loud. I tell it that I am too busy, don’tContinue reading “In a love/hate relationship”

Phone Calls to a Father

 Did you hear about this story? These sons put this billboard up for their father’s birthday with his cell phone number. They asked people to call and wish him a happy birthday. Thousands of people did. There are a lot of funny and sweet stories from it, but the ones that really touched me wereContinue reading “Phone Calls to a Father”

Walking a Tightrope

Last night my husband and I watched the movie, “The Walk”.  It is an incredible, beautiful movie based on Philippe Pettit’s determination to walk a tightrope across the Twin Towers just after they were built. He had an incredible, and self-admitted impossible goal, but that didn’t stop him. He knew he wanted to try andContinue reading “Walking a Tightrope”