Ugly Crier, I Am With You

Here’s a secret to everyone except my husband and daughter – I am an ugly crier. Seriously.  I am way on the other side of the spectrum from those characters in movies or on tv that have the lonely tear fall from a beautiful and perfectly made up face accompanied by soft sobs. Nope. I amContinue reading “Ugly Crier, I Am With You”


  My favorite quote by Martin Luther is this: “Our Lord has written the promise of resurrection, not in books alone, but in every leaf in springtime.” I think about this quote every spring.  I love springtime in Texas. I love to watch the trees slowly begin to be born again.  It seems to happenContinue reading “THE PROMISE OF THE RESURRECTION”

Creation Dances – a view of Psalm 8

The moon hangs from a star – Creation dances together in the night sky. Together they present a perfect rhythm, found in the universe but controlled only by You, Lord. Set in their unique place by Your perfect precision. I feel so small, so imperfect But my God, you have called even me by name.Continue reading “Creation Dances – a view of Psalm 8”