Reading – A New Perspective

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Until recently, the correlation between reading books to become a better writer was lost on me. Yes, I love to read. Always have. However, writing went on whether I was reading or not.

Suddenly, and very recently, something changed. It was as if God turned on a switch inside me that has opened my eyes, and more importantly, my creative mind. Now, I soak in every word of everything I read.  The more I am a sponge with what I read, the more easily and quickly the words I want to write come to me.

It feels like everything I have read up until now, although some of it very fantastic writing, I was reading as one-dimensional letters on a page. Their art and rhythm were lost on me. The stories were great, but they lay flat.

They ended when the book ended.

Now the switch has been turned on. These words build a story, of course, that’s what writing does, right?  But now these words are three-dimensional. They are more than just letters on a page. They are like a symphony,  singing a creative rhythm that sends my mind into a frenzy.

Is this the definition of maturity for a writer?

I do not know.  It is a beautiful world to live in, with letters that sing and evoke my imagination.

Would love to know what book I must read. Write your recommendation in the comments.

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