Finishing is a New Start

I recently completed my first ever 5k. It was a wonderful race that went through the Vintage Oaks Winery and adjoining neighborhood just north of San Antonio. There were hills, there were neighborhood dogs and cats, people on their front porches cheering on the racers, and there was, of course runners and walkers.  I was among the walkers.

Being that this was my first 5k, I had no idea how it even really worked.  Therefore, when I saw the large inflatable Start/Finish line, I didn’t care about the fact that where we were actually starting read “FINISH”.  I just thought it meant we would be doing a big loop and we would end up here again.

We did do a loop.  As I was coming into the view of the finish line, filled with those runners who had already made it, cheering all of us on to push through and come across the line, I did take notice that it read “START” instead of “FINISH”.  (Yes, they never noticed it was backwards.)

I said to my partner, friend and coworker, “this is a start for me.”

Finishing something can be the start of something new.  

For me, finishing this first 5k is the start of setting a goal to do two 5k’s next year.  It doesn’t end there, though.

It is the start of knowing what it feels like to finish a goal – to cross something off a bucket list even. It’s incredible. It’s motivating.  It’s a true feeling of accomplishment.

It’s a start of something new.   What will you finish?

“Goals you refuse to chase don’t disappear — they become ghosts that haunt you.” ~ Jon Acuff from “Finish-Give Yourself the Gift of Done”

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