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I have been missing this. I have longed to get back to writing, but in the end sabotaged this dream myself. I was waiting for the time to occur.

Artist, writers, anyone who is of a creative mind, will never find the extra time to write, paint, whatever the craft is. We have to create even the time itself.

I have been reactive instead of proactive. I thought this was how I was supposed to be as a writer – calm, patient artist waiting for my muse to arrive. In my case, it was passively waiting for the Holy Spirit to nudge me with the next idea or to speak boldly to my heart about what to write next.

This, my readers, I have learned is not what I am called to do. True, I want to be aware of the presence of the quiet whisper that may come sneaking in through all the noise. Passively waiting just to react, though? This is not the way to do it. In fact, looking back, I would have never gotten published if I had done that. It was curiosity and challenging myself which led to that and God who blessed it.

The key is to write.

To write daily.

Even if the words are tucked away in a journal or scribbled on the coffee- stained napkin in front of me. Write. Follow the curious trails of ideas and make the words dance on whatever paper or screen they land on.

Write for me. Write because there is this strong urge and longing in my heart to follow my curiosity of weaving words together to make rhythm.

I write and enjoy the roller coaster ride of the process.

I trust God to take hold and use the words as He sees fit.

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