On Saturday, my husband and I grabbed our face masks and headed out to Hobby Lobby. We grabbed the specific paints he needed and went to check out. The line was incredibly long, but it was mostly due to the social distancing, giving it an illusion of tremendous length.

As we took our places at the end of the line, a woman and her husband got in line right behind us. Immediately, the woman began to rant and complain about the long lines and how their lack of cashiers was ridiculous. (Side note: they had more cashiers than I have ever seen there).  Her grumbling continued even as we were moving pretty quickly up the line. This really could have made the waiting experience miserable.

To me, when I am waiting in line, there is nothing worse than being with or near someone who just wants to complain about the waiting. As I was doing my best to tune her out, I was using this wait as a time to notice. I took it as an opportunity not a challenge. It was a chance to think, notice, pray, and dream. 

This was me in a line at a craft store. This was not me waiting to reach the Promised Land.

It made me realize, though, how our grumblings and complaints while we are waiting must sadden God. It’s one thing to become impatient while waiting at a store, but the impatience we can battle against while waiting on God is on another level.

Yet, we can still take it as an opportunity and not a challenge. It’s still a chance to think, pray, notice and dream. 

“Waiting is a very active part of living. Waiting on God, if we do it correctly, is anything but passive. Waiting works its way out in very deliberate actions, very intentionally searching the Scriptures and praying, intense moments of humility, and self-realization of our finiteness. With the waiting comes learning. I can’t think of much I’ve learned that’s positive from the times I’ve plowed ahead without waiting on God.” Wayne Stiles

Too many times, we try to rush His plan, figure it out on our own, or try things we think will help Him move it along. We need to learn to wait and wait with a beautiful trust and willingness to grow from it.

As the Psalmist reminds us in 27:14:  “Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.”

What attitude will you choose to have while you wait?

Listen to “There Was Jesus” by Zach Williams with Dolly Parton (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=37wV6D49iEY

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