Sunday Photo Fiction – Escape (200 words)

goal was to write a 200 word story inspired by the image (photo courtesy of morguefile)

He was tired of trying to make her happy. When did she get so bitter? She was not the same girl he had married years ago. He didn’t know who she was anymore. He only knew one thing – he didn’t want to be there. Where could he go? If he had to choose between fight or flight, he would always choose flight. 

He escaped during her rants, traveling in his mind to places of comfort and beauty. This time he chose to go camping. It was out of spite. The camper he bought led to an argument where she would not speak to him for days. If only she always gave him the silent treatment.

Her mouth was moving, but all he could hear was the sound of the country air whistling through the open windows. Everything was peaceful until his mind suddenly took him into the city, his car upended, the camper sinking into the abyss of concrete behind him.

He snapped back into reality, finding himself upended in the recliner, shoved over in her fit of unhappiness. At that moment, he wished the carpet beneath him would open up and swallow him whole – enveloping him with deep silence.

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