Have you ever had one of those “middle-of-the-night, brutally honest, two way conversations with God?”     

I have. 

In fact, due to not sleeping well in the past week from the surgery, I have had quite a few. (I could use another week just to sit and process everything He has shown me.) 

If I am truly honest with myself, though, none of what was revealed to me was a surprise. God has gently nudged me before on the subjects, but I just chose to subtly ignore Him (which you can’t do by the way).

God is patient, but He is also  persistent.

It’s not easy to hear things about yourself – weaknesses pointed out or personality traits you  wish you didn’t have. Our pride says “if you don’t like who I am, that’s your problem.”

It’s our pride which keeps us from taking a deep dive into analyzing the things about ourselves we would rather keep hidden or refuse to admit.  It was my pride that kept me pushing His gentle nudges aside. The irony that my pride was one of the subjects He spoke to me  about  is not lost on me, by the way.

Again, God is patient, but He is also persistent.

Think about the story of Jonah.  God called Jonah to go to Nineveh.  

What did Jonah do? He ran.  What did God do? He persisted.

Jonah didn’t want to hear or follow what God wanted him to do, but God persisted and prevailed.

God’s persistence is a beautiful gesture manifested by His faithful love for us.

Trust in His persistence in your life.  

“But You, O Lord, are a God [who protects and is] merciful and gracious, Slow to anger and abounding in loving kindness and truth.”  Psalm 86:15

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Writer. Reader. Lifetime Learner. Follower of Christ.

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