Eleanor: A Beginning

Eleanor closed her husband’s worn Bible, taking a moment to run her index finger across his name imprinted in gold. She exhaled with a slight smile and set it back into the drawer of the end table. She rose slowly from her wooden rocking chair, making an audible sigh as she shuffled her feet the short distance to the small kitchen in her apartment at River Oaks Senior Living Community. 

She grabbed the cherry-red teapot, removed the yellow post-it note stuck to it,  and filled it with tap water. Carefully, she set it on the front burner. No, she thought, back burner only. That was what Zie, otherwise known as Nurse Mackenzie had told her to do. Eleanor promptly moved it to the left, back burner and turned on the gas stove. 

While she waited for the familiar sound of the whistle alerting her to the water being ready, she looked around her kitchen. The yellow post-it notes surrounded her, all reminders for herself. Eleanor was angry when Zie first suggested it, but she made a promise to try it for a week. The suggestion came after she had left the bath running. Eleanor had every intention of taking a hot bath, but then her daughter called and she got distracted. That was all. Just distracted. 

She looked at the yellow piece of paper that she was holding.  It simply said in black magic marker:


How did I get here? she wondered. It was just last year when Frank and I moved to this town. 

Frank and Eleanor spent nearly every moment together since he had officially retired from the restaurant business. They would watch movies, take walks and explore the new town they moved to. There was so much exploring to do in this new place and they wanted to take it all in. They never got to, though. They weren’t even in the house a year before his heart gave way.  

How did I get here? she wondered.  It was just last year when Frank and I moved to this town. 

Only it wasn’t just last year when they moved to Abingdon. It was seven years ago. In those seven years, grief took more than its fair share of Eleanor’s heart. It took pieces of her mind too. 

© 2021 Raelyn Pracht

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Writer. Reader. Lifetime Learner. Follower of Christ.

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