A Dollhouse Halloween (350 Words)

The uncarved pumpkin sits innocently on the front steps. The orange gourd welcomes autumn to the home. You do not notice the skeletal figure draped in black standing in the corner until you approach the steps. Its pedestal forces the welcome mat to lay askew at its presence. You notice and try to adjust theContinue reading “A Dollhouse Halloween (350 Words)”

Throwback Thursday: The Owl and I (2014)

Tonight I saw something silhouetted against the twilight sky. Its stretched out wings spanned widely. The creature flew and perched itself on top of the light post I was standing under. It was a beautiful owl! I stood frozen in awe as I looked up meeting its stare. Its golden, wide eyes looked down atContinue reading “Throwback Thursday: The Owl and I (2014)”

TBT 2020- Halloween Writing Prompt: Bats in the Belfry (50 Words)

Bats in the Belfry, Hanging and waiting for the bells to chime the midnight hour. On their peal, they will fly out into the darkness, disrupting the October night sky. Silhouettes against the full moon, Embracing their calling, they loom. They own the time until the bells call them home.

Throwback Thursday: BEYOND THE CLOUDS (June 2021)

Driving down the highway yesterday, a sudden surge of brake lights caught my attention. It wasn’t an accident or traffic which caused the sea of bright red to appear. It was hard rain, which seemed to come out of nowhere, catching all of us by surprise. The sky had a few clouds scattered throughout it,Continue reading “Throwback Thursday: BEYOND THE CLOUDS (June 2021)”