A Romantic Gesture

I am not into “sappy” romance, but authentic romantic gestures do get to me. While we were eating lunch out, a man sat down with about 10 family members including grandparents and kids. He stood up and pulled out a letter. (There was no way we couldn’t hear this btw)  His letter was to his girlfriend’s family (that’s who sat at the table, not his) asking permission to ask their daughter/granddaughter/sister/aunt to marry him.

His letter was incredibly honest..listing things he has regretted from the past, the struggles they have had together and the baggage she still carried from her divorce years ago. He ended the letter with asking them to be open and honest about concerns they had about him, her and them. 

This guy looked like a super fit linebacker and he stood there choosing to be completely vulnerable. It was beautiful.

There was conversation, but I couldn’t hear that part, mostly because I couldn’t hear over my own sniffling and wiping tears.

Vulnerability. Honesty. These two elements expressed his love more than his words. I will always remember this.

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