FRIDAY FICTION: Meet me at the Fair (100 Words)

Meet me at the fair. That’s all the note taped to her front door said. Meet me at the fair. An ominous invitation into a world of neon lights, traveling shows and rides. She stared at the note. Her heartrate quickened. Her breaths shortened. The fair. She hadn’t been back since . . .  sinceContinue reading “FRIDAY FICTION: Meet me at the Fair (100 Words)”


Lost expression Broken reflection in the glass Lost expression Vacant, black, hollow eyes stare back Piercing darkness permeates through  Leaning closer, I question “who?” Lost expression The Prompt: You wake up to discover a completely different, unknown face staring back at you from the mirror. Reena’s Xploration Challenge #239 The Rondelet is a French form consistingContinue reading “UNRECOGNIZABLE: A Rondelet”


Weekend Writing Prompt #266: This weekend your challenge is to write a poem or a piece of prose in exactly 74 words using the word “Flippant” Forgive me for the weird pingback, but my computer was giving me a hard time and this was the best I could do. It would seem odd to everyoneContinue reading “WEEKEND WRITING PROMPT: Flippant (79 Words)”