THROWBACK THURSDAY: Mr. Cooper Takes a Walk (Start of a children’s story 2017)

Mr. Cooper saw that the back gate was slightly open.  He peeked out to see if his owner was out in the front yard, but she wasn’t.  He was going to go back inside, but then he spotted a fire hydrant near the sidewalk that he just had to visit.

After, visiting the fire hydrant, he lifted his head, perked his ears as he looked down the sidewalk,and made a decision to take a walk.

Mr. Cooper walked down the sidewalk to the end of the street.  The smells were familiar to him.  He stopped at all the usual places he liked to stop when he walked on a leash with his owner.  

Except this time he wasn’t on a leash…

He could go where ever he wanted.

So, Mr. Cooper continued his walk.

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