Friday Fiction: WHISPER (120 Words)

Her arms held her quivering knees tightly against her chest in the dark corner. Her stringy, tangled long hair continued to drip from the sudden rain shower. She ran fast, searching for anywhere to hideout, at least until the rain stopped. Refuge appeared in a small dilapidated cabin. She ducked underneath the bright yellow “Caution: Do Not Enter” tape, caring less about the warning and more about hiding.

Drops of rain pelted the muddy floor in front of her. Thunder rolled one last time before she heard the whisper. Her blue eyes widened. The whisper seemed to draw closer. She peeked through a crack in the wall. She saw nothing.

She only heard someone, or something, whisper in her ear.

Published by raelynpracht

Writer. Reader. Lifetime Learner. Follower of Christ.

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