FRIDAY FICTION: Socks (8 Word Story)

For today’s Friday Fiction Challenge, you must write an 8 word story on the subject of SOCKS. Use any photo you want. Leave your story in the comments or place the link to your story in there. Don’t forget to link back to this one on your post! SOCKS Her socks displayed to passing carsContinue reading “FRIDAY FICTION: Socks (8 Word Story)”

THROWBACK THURSDAY: Bats in the Belfry

Bats in the Belfry, Hanging and waiting for the bells to chime the midnight hour. On their peal, they will fly out into the darkness, disrupting the October night sky. Silhouettes against the full moon, Embracing their calling, they loom. They own the time until the bells call them home. The above was written inContinue reading “THROWBACK THURSDAY: Bats in the Belfry”

31 Days of Spookiness: Legend of the Witches

One legend has it that on one All Hallows Eve that a priest was walking by on a country road when on the hill he saw the bonfires burning. He saw people dancing around the fire in costumes with shafts and torches in their hands. With the moon as a backdrop to the fires theContinue reading “31 Days of Spookiness: Legend of the Witches”

31 Days of Spookiness: Superstitious

In the U.S, people are superstitious about the #13. Here’s a few from other countries 4: In China, the pronunciation of the word for the number four is similar to that of the Chinese word for death. Many buildings in China skip a fourth floor, just as U.S. builders sometimes omit floor 13. 9: JustContinue reading “31 Days of Spookiness: Superstitious”

31 Days of Spookiness: Friday the 13th on a Battlefield 1995

Today I am celebrating my 27th wedding anniversary. It was only fitting that two people who love scary movies chose Friday the 13th – in the spookiest of all months – to get married. We were married on part of Richmond National Battlefield. As you know, Richmond, Virginia played a huge part in the CivilContinue reading “31 Days of Spookiness: Friday the 13th on a Battlefield 1995”

31 Days of Spookiness: Ghostly Interactions

31 Days of Spookiness: People have tried to (or claimed to) communicate with spirits for ages; in Victorian England, for example, it was fashionable for upper-crust ladies to hold séances in their parlors after tea and crumpets with friends. Ghost clubs dedicated to searching for ghostly evidence formed at prestigious universities, including Cambridge and Oxford,Continue reading “31 Days of Spookiness: Ghostly Interactions”

31 Days of Spookiness: A few facts about The Exorcist

Friedkin William, the director of The Exorcist, went to great lengths to keep his cast off balance and on edge so that the intensity would translate onto the screen. He was known to have crew members sneak up behind actors and fire air guns to scare them. When Linda Blair and Ellyn Burstyn had toContinue reading “31 Days of Spookiness: A few facts about The Exorcist”