If you recall from my previous post, I need accountability. I am terrible at policing myself, so I needed a way to make others have expectations of me.

To recap, I am trying to lose weight. It is more about feeling healthier and stronger than it is about the way I look. I also do not like the way my clothes fit. Not at all.

My first step to accountability was to post on here that I needed it. By the way, this is a pretty scary thing to do.

My second step to accountability was something I did this weekend. We have a dry erase board up on in our kitchen where we used to write down what we were having for dinner each night. Since our schedules have bee crazy lately, we are on our own for dinner except for one or two nights. Therefore, we are not using this board any more.

Instead, I decided to use the board to write down my weight and the amount of time I spent exercising. My husband and daughter may not pay attention to it, but for me, seeing it there gives me the accountability I am looking for. The board itself and its empty space for the day puts an expectation on me that I need.

Interesting how something so simple may be just what I need.

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