Pause Like Mary

Today I felt myself get angry for the first time during this pandemic. It wasn’t at the virus, the government or even the people who refuse to wear masks in the stores. I got angry at something implied by the title of an article: “Take this Pause and Write Your Book.” My thought was, “howContinue reading “Pause Like Mary”

That Time I Cried Over Spilled Won Tons – A Daily Reminder of Hope

It had been a terrible week, one where I just wanted to go to sleep and have time fast forward. We were going through a very difficult time as a family and as each day brought more pain, hurt and trouble, I actually felt hopeless for the first time in my life. I needed toContinue reading “That Time I Cried Over Spilled Won Tons – A Daily Reminder of Hope”

Written Five Years Ago . . . for This Very Day

I wrote the following piece five years ago. How eerie it is and perfectly right for exactly how I am feeling again today: There has been death and disease striking many people around me. I have been feeling like I am not doing enough to help them because all I have really been able to doContinue reading “Written Five Years Ago . . . for This Very Day”