Tell Yourself a Different Story

The power of the mind is amazing. It can take a false reality or what we perceive to be reality and make it feel like the truth and actuality. We need to learn to tell ourselves a different story. I was having dinner with an acquaintance I hadn’t seen in quite a while. She hadContinue reading “Tell Yourself a Different Story”

Thank You to a Joyful Stranger

I was almost to the lobby doors of the medical center when I heard a voice speaking. At first I didn’t know they were speaking to me. My head was wrapped up in the pain I was feeling from the area where they removed the stitches. Then the voice asked, “Right?, young lady.” I turnedContinue reading “Thank You to a Joyful Stranger”

Listening for the Still, Small Voice

I love the sound of church bells ringing, especially when I’m not expecting to hear them. I was recently exploring a city I had never been too – Indianapolis. I spotted an amazing monument and fountain. I headed towards it to get some pictures. That’s when I heard the bells. I didn’t even see theContinue reading “Listening for the Still, Small Voice”

Finishing is a New Start

I recently completed my first ever 5k. It was a wonderful race that went through the Vintage Oaks Winery and adjoining neighborhood just north of San Antonio. There were hills, there were neighborhood dogs and cats, people on their front porches cheering on the racers, and there was, of course runners and walkers.  I wasContinue reading “Finishing is a New Start”

Looking at Scars Differently

I received my biospy results for my last skin check and if I am truthful to myself and to you,  the results knocked the wind out of me. I was expecting nothing. Instead, I got something. A spot on my hip that looked the same, color and shape as it always has to me, wasContinue reading “Looking at Scars Differently”

Sunday Mornings- Writing with God

There is something beautiful on a spiritual level about spending Sunday mornings before church writing.  It always feels as if there is a surge of electricity that fills the connection between God and I. I sit at Dunkin with my coffee and my laptop, put the earbuds in to listen to some Nat King ColeContinue reading “Sunday Mornings- Writing with God”