AUTUMNAL GLORY: An American Haiku

Allen Ginsberg created the American Haiku. The traditional Haiku involves seventeen syllables down the page. The American Haiku is seventeen syllables across the page.

A crimson world dances on the path of golden autumnal glory.

Copyright 2022 Raelyn Pracht

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FRIDAY FIRSTS: First Paragraph of the First Chapter

Charlotte Embers placed her right ear down on the cold edge of the railroad tracks. She heard nothing. She looked both ways then quickly crossed over the quiet wooden tracks. As a kid, she would only have stopped to listen. She never thought to actually look both ways. If she heard nothing, she would happily rise and try to take long strides in her summer dress, stepping on every plank down the path of the railroad. 


How many of us, both women and men, remember sitting by the phone waiting for that person we liked to call us? I admit that I even picked up the receiver to check for a dial tone just to make sure the phone was actually working.  Looking back, it’s funny, albeit, even a little pathetic, to picture ourselves doing such a thing.  The reality is, however, that we still do it.  We still wait by our phones for that phone call … the phone call with the test results we are anxiously awaiting, the phone call that hopefully has a job offer attached, etc.

What about when we are on the other end?  When we receive a  call or text from someone and they wait anxiously for us to pick up or respond?  There is a level of disappointment when the voicemail picks up or the text, or even email, isn’t responded to.

Now, imagine what it must be like for God.  He calls us and waits for us to pick up, to respond, – to answer His call.  I can only imagine how many times we don’t hear “the ring.”  Or worse, we hear the ring, but still don’t answer.  Sometimes, like me, we may even answer the call waiting, putting God and His call on hold.  I did that with this blog.  I knew He wanted me to write it, but I let the other calls of life (mostly distractions) be answered before His.

Many of us are waiting for God’s call.  Be ready to respond and to answer when He does.

Isaiah 6:8 says,  “Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?” And I said, “Here am I. Send me!”

©Raelyn Pracht 2016


Don’t you love it when there is a specific memory attached to a location? I have many, but there is one that came to my early this morning.

We were living in Salinas, California around the time I was six or seven years old. At the end of our front yard there were these generous sized river rocks used in our landscaping. (To this day they remind me of the rocks Fred Flintstone used to build his house in Bedrock.)

One day I was out playing with these rocks when I saw a snail.

Now, I knew the shell on his back was his home, but I went on a personal crusade to build him a better home. So, I took the rocks, built him a spacious one bedroom home then picked him up and placed him inside.

When I came back to check on him later, to my young surprise, the snail had moved out. I decided that he must have left because he didn’t have any neighbors. So, I built a snail neighborhood and placed more snails into their brand new homes. I even put grass in each one as a housewarming gift.

When I came back later, all the rocky houses I had made were vacant. I didn’t give up. Day after day, I rebuilt homes, picked up snails and moved them in. The end result was the same – empty houses.

This morning, as I was coming home from my walk, I saw a snail that looked like all those from my childhood. I sat down next to him and took his photo.

All these years later, seeing this snail brought me right back to my young self. The child who tried to make life better for one of God’s creatures.

Here’s a little secret . . . I still try to make life better for God’s creatures. I try to make life a little better for everyone I meet – to sometimes move them into “new houses.” However, the majority of people, much like the snails, don’t stay in the places I would like them to. They move to the place they feel they need to be or stay where they are.

Who am I to say they shouldn’t? He is God and I am not.

But I will always try to “build houses” because that’s me living as an example of Christ. However, I need to remember the WHY, just as I did as a child:
Serve wholeheartedly, as if you were serving the Lord, not people (Eph. 6:7)

Setting Up a Facebook Author Page: Advice Requested

Good morning, everyone (depending on where you are in the world),

I am starting to develop my Facebook author page and would love some advice on it.

  1. Did you invite all of your regular Facebook friends as well as others?
  2. How often do you post?

And the most important question: How do you get more followers?

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FRIDAY FICTION: Socks (8 Word Story)

For today’s Friday Fiction Challenge, you must write an 8 word story on the subject of SOCKS. Use any photo you want. Leave your story in the comments or place the link to your story in there. Don’t forget to link back to this one on your post!


Her socks displayed to passing cars her freedom.

THROWBACK THURSDAY: Bats in the Belfry

Bats in the Belfry,

Hanging and waiting for the bells to chime the midnight hour.

On their peal, they will fly out into the darkness,

disrupting the October night sky.

Silhouettes against the full moon,

Embracing their calling, they loom.

They own the time until the bells call them home.

The above was written in 2020 for a 50 Word Halloween Prompt starting with the letter B.

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