Pause Like Mary

Today I felt myself get angry for the first time during this pandemic. It wasn’t at the virus, the government or even the people who refuse to wear masks in the stores. I got angry at something implied by the title of an article: “Take this Pause and Write Your Book.” My thought was, “howContinue reading “Pause Like Mary”

REMEMBER – One Word Writing Prompt

Remember the light which shined in the darkness. Remember the hope found through servants’ hearts. Remember who you were in the beginning, and who He has helped you become in the during. Remember who provided for you. Remember where your help came from. Remember the ones who have flown away, and show love to allContinue reading “REMEMBER – One Word Writing Prompt”

Rewrite – A One Word Writing Prompt

I wouldn’t rewrite the current circumstances if I had the power to do so. How many difficult things will we have walked through only to conquer them and grow in faith and strength? To rewrite the world would make it too easy. What would we need faith for? We will grow from this. We willContinue reading “Rewrite – A One Word Writing Prompt”

Written Five Years Ago . . . for This Very Day

I wrote the following piece five years ago. How eerie it is and perfectly right for exactly how I am feeling again today: There has been death and disease striking many people around me. I have been feeling like I am not doing enough to help them because all I have really been able┬áto doContinue reading “Written Five Years Ago . . . for This Very Day”