AUTUMNAL GLORY: An American Haiku

Allen Ginsberg created the American Haiku. The traditional Haiku involves seventeen syllables down the page. The American Haiku is seventeen syllables across the page. A crimson world dances on the path of golden autumnal glory. Copyright 2022 Raelyn Pracht I created a new Author page on Facebook. Please visit and follow me at: orContinue reading “AUTUMNAL GLORY: An American Haiku”


Snow floats down slowly as if it dances to its own symphony. Oversized flakes, wavering from their normal path, drift in the slight breeze and lay upon all they touch. It is more than snow I see through the window panes. It is hope. It is peace.¬†¬†Above all, it is a promise of better things,Continue reading “WINTER’S BREATH: A Haibun”