“O little town of Bethlehem How still we see thee lie Above thy deep and dreamless sleep The silent stars go by Yet in thy dark streets shineth The everlasting Light The hopes and fears of all the years Are met in thee tonight” O Little Town of Bethlehem  “At the same time, it isContinue reading “EVERLASTING LIGHT”


“O star of wonder, star of night, Star with royal beauty bright, Westward leading, still proceeding, Guide us to thy perfect light.” ~ We Three Kings “When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the lightContinue reading “PERFECT LIGHT”

The Watcher – a poem on Psalm 63

As I meditate on You. my thirst is quenched. You and You alone are the living water – the only thing that satisfies my soul. The night watches with stars shining over me – but the world itself is dark. Yet You are the watcher. You, in your loving kindness, guide us through the darkness,Continue reading “The Watcher – a poem on Psalm 63”

What’s Hiding in the Darkness

I was driving to Houston on a road I  had driven many times. Only this time I left my house at 5 am. The sunrise hadn’t blessed the area yet and this road was dark and unfamiliar in the lack  of daylight. Even the few headlights I saw couldn’t light up the scenery hiding inContinue reading “What’s Hiding in the Darkness”