Pause Like Mary

Today I felt myself get angry for the first time during this pandemic. It wasn’t at the virus, the government or even the people who refuse to wear masks in the stores. I got angry at something implied by the title of an article: “Take this Pause and Write Your Book.” My thought was, “howContinue reading “Pause Like Mary”

Who Would You Be?

Who would you be if . . . You stopped trusting in chariots and horses and put your trust in God? (Psalm 20:7) You prayed for your enemies? (Matthew 5:24) You prayed without ceasing? (1 Thessalonians 5:17) You accepted God’s grace? (Ephesians 2:8) You took time daily to rest in God’s presence (Psalm 62:5) WhoContinue reading “Who Would You Be?”

Ugly Crier, I Am With You

Here’s a secret to everyone except my husband and daughter – I am an ugly crier. Seriously.  I am way on the other side of the spectrum from those characters in movies or on tv that have the lonely tear fall from a beautiful and perfectly made up face accompanied by soft sobs. Nope. I amContinue reading “Ugly Crier, I Am With You”