45 Word Writing Prompt: Goodnight

Below is a piece for a Weekend Writing Prompt. It had to be 45 words and use the word “Goodnight”. Thanks to Sammi Cox for posting this challenge. See challenge at https://sammiscribbles.wordpress.com/2022/01/01/weekend-writing-prompt-242-goodnight/ Enjoy! Winter blows its icy fierce breath. The fireplace counters with crackling warm intentions. She pulls the crocheted afghan tighter around her shoulders.Continue reading “45 Word Writing Prompt: Goodnight”


Snow floats down slowly as if it dances to its own symphony. Oversized flakes, wavering from their normal path, drift in the slight breeze and lay upon all they touch. It is more than snow I see through the window panes. It is hope. It is peace.¬†¬†Above all, it is a promise of better things,Continue reading “WINTER’S BREATH: A Haibun”