Isaiah 40:31 -My Synomatic Version

“but those who hope, trust and wait expectantly in the Lord will renew their strength, regain their strength and find new strength. I will rise, mount and soar on wings like eagles; I will run, I will race and not grow weary, tired or winded. I will walk and not be faint.“ I have takenContinue reading “Isaiah 40:31 -My Synomatic Version”

Psalm 112:8a -My Synomatic Version

“My heart is steady, established, upheld, strong, maintained, assured and set firm. I shall not be afraid. I shall not fear. I will not be shaken.“ I have taken up writing out one verse a day. I like to then look up the verse in various translations, seeing the different words used and then readingContinue reading “Psalm 112:8a -My Synomatic Version”