Rewrite – A One Word Writing Prompt

I wouldn’t rewrite the current circumstances if I had the power to do so. How many difficult things will we have walked through only to conquer them and grow in faith and strength? To rewrite the world would make it too easy. What would we need faith for? We will grow from this. We willContinue reading “Rewrite – A One Word Writing Prompt”

Poem based on the Book of Job

I have never felt more alone, swallowed up by the sea of agony, I conquer the burdens because I have no other choice. Although I am surrounded, I am alone. Where does my help come from? God in Heaven, Great Provider, bring to me your promise of provision. Help me to know you are withContinue reading “Poem based on the Book of Job”

That Time I Cried Over Spilled Won Tons – A Daily Reminder of Hope

It had been a terrible week, one where I just wanted to go to sleep and have time fast forward. We were going through a very difficult time as a family and as each day brought more pain, hurt and trouble, I actually felt hopeless for the first time in my life. I needed toContinue reading “That Time I Cried Over Spilled Won Tons – A Daily Reminder of Hope”


He is humble. He will take the lesser of two things for the sake of someone he loves getting the better one. He gets excited when the people he loves come home. He enjoys exercising, especially walking. He doesn’t complain about it. In fact, he walks with a bounce in his step. He completely understandsContinue reading “10 REASONS WHY MY DOG IS A BETTER PERSON THAN ANY OF US”

On the Other Side of Easter

Growing up we had two paintings in my house I can distinctly remember always being there. One was a painting of The Last Supper with Jesus standing up at the table, arms stretched out as if welcoming each disciple, even his betrayer, into them. The other was of an old man, hands folded in prayer,Continue reading “On the Other Side of Easter”