For What Do I Wait – Thoughts on Psalm 39

Darkness fell upon us we scrambled to find light – light from anything to close the void, to bring us joy instead of despair. We continue to seek – to find light in things and having faith that they will bring us hope. We search the earth, but cannot find. We wait on the thingsContinue reading “For What Do I Wait – Thoughts on Psalm 39”

Reading – A New Perspective

Until recently, the correlation between reading books to become a better writer was lost on me. Yes, I love to read. Always have. However, writing went on whether I was reading or not. Suddenly, and very recently, something changed. It was as if God turned on a switch inside me that has opened my eyes,Continue reading “Reading – A New Perspective”

Be Not the Fool – Thoughts on Psalm 53

Be not the fool who says in their heart, “there is no God.” We all fall short. No one does good. A somber thought if it stayed there. Yet, it doesn’t. He invites us into His loving mercy and grace. Be not the fool who does not accept this invitation, continuing to deny His existence.Continue reading “Be Not the Fool – Thoughts on Psalm 53”

Upheld: Poem on Psalm 51:12-15

Upheld with a willing spirit, not with defense or fight. Upheld with a hopeful outlook, one of trust and faith. Upheld above the clouds of darkness, far from my sins and transgressions. Upheld so I may be restored and focus my eyes on the joy of salvation. Upheld that I may sing songs of praiseContinue reading “Upheld: Poem on Psalm 51:12-15”

A Reflection on Psalm 34:4-7 Reason to Shine

I shine with the radiance which can only come from Him. There is no more shame, no more regret. I am saved from all my troubles, left only with security, protection and love. Sheltered by the angels’ love, I am saved. I am rescued. I am delivered from all my fears. My despair is lifted.Continue reading “A Reflection on Psalm 34:4-7 Reason to Shine”

The Watcher – a poem on Psalm 63

As I meditate on You. my thirst is quenched. You and You alone are the living water – the only thing that satisfies my soul. The night watches with stars shining over me – but the world itself is dark. Yet You are the watcher. You, in your loving kindness, guide us through the darkness,Continue reading “The Watcher – a poem on Psalm 63”

The Deepest Waters – Poem on Psalm 69

The deepest waters are swallowing me whole yet, my throat remains parched and my eyes can no longer produce tears. I stretch my hands up through the waves, reaching out to my God. He reaches out to me, breaking through the water and the fears. Thoughts flood my mind of things past and present sorrowsContinue reading “The Deepest Waters – Poem on Psalm 69”