Looking at Scars Differently

I received my biospy results for my last skin check and if I am truthful to myself and to you,  the results knocked the wind out of me. I was expecting nothing. Instead, I got something. A spot on my hip that looked the same, color and shape as it always has to me, was biopsied because my doctor saw something different. He saw a change. I saw nothing, So, I expected nothing.

I praise God for my doctors vision and the tools available to look past the surface and see inside.  Inside there is Melanoma getting ready to rear its ugly head. We are hopeful they caught it in time this time and there will be clean edges and nothing else needed when I have surgery on it in September.

brown and white bear plush toy
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I could write about all of the lessons I have learned from that phone call, but it would be too many for one piece.   So, today, you get the first one:  SCARS

I used to be very self-conscious about all the scars I have from the multiple biopsies I have had since 2011.  One day that all changed. I saw these scars not as reminders of cancer or wounds, but saw them as reminders of HEALING.

A wound is fresh and unhealed.

A SCAR is a visual representation of healing having taken place.

We all have scars.

The one who matters the most has the most important scars. His scars are reminders of the ultimate healing.

When I look at my scars now, I see them differently.

I see healing. I see God’s promises.

Isaiah 53:5

But he was pierced for our transgressions;
    he was crushed for our iniquities;
upon him was the chastisement that brought us peace,
    and with his wounds we are healed.

















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