The Words We Plant

Words we speak to others and ourselves have a slow, subtle, quiet power.

Words are tiny seeds being sown into ourselves or others – seeds that will slowly grow over time into mighty trees.

Words are seeds. Seeds become trees.  What kind of tree are you planting?

Words we speak to ourselves and others, feed on each other, giving the words power over your thoughts, actions, and moods. These words can affect all areas of your lives.

Words we speak about ourselves and others are just tiny seeds, and seem so powerless. But every time we speak them or think them, they branch out, slowly and quietly feeding on themselves.

bare tree with black metal fence
Photo by Nicolae Vasiliu on

They can grow over time to become a mighty dark tree which casts nothing but sadness, doubt, resentment and every other negative feeling over yourself and others.

or . . .

They can grow over time to come a beautiful and flourishing tree which casts shelter and protection over yourself and others.

Again, I ask, what kind of tree are you planting?   What type of seeds are you sowing?

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Writer. Reader. Lifetime Learner. Follower of Christ.

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